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"Lovely to see the park through other's eyes."

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"Brought the many beautiful images I experience in the park every week to life."


"Catches the park in all its glory and all its seasons."


"Caught the essence of Phoenix Park."


Park pictures by Rita Nolan

Wellingtone monument

Wellington Monument commemorates the Dublin-born Iron Duke’s victory at Waterloo against Napoleon in 1815.

At sixty-seven metres high it was second in height as an obelisk only to the Washington Memorial’s 169 metres until the Dublin Spire on O’Connell Street was completed in 2003 at 120 metres in height.

The drawn-out process of building a £20,000 monument to Wellington begun in 1817 was finally completed on the site of the salute battery in Phoenix Park some 40 years later.

Wellington monument features in James Joyce’s novel Finnegans Wake. It has been sued as a meeting place for many people in fiction and in reality.

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These exhibition-quality photographs framed at 37cm x 42cm are available to order for your personal pleasure.

They are also very suitable to present to loved ones or colleagues as gifts.

Each picture was individually shot by photographer Rita Nolan.

Each was shown in exhibition in the Phoenix Park Visitor's Centre in February 2010 to favourable comment.

These examples are framed.

Prices do not include shipping which if you require pictures to be sent to you we will quote you for.

Other pictures from the exhibition are available on request.

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"What it is to have a sharp eye."

dairy "Beautiful work"

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"A truly interesting collection of images of a park and its people and its nature and wildlife."


"A feast for the eyes."

"I saw parts of the park that I did not know existed."

"I did not know the park had so much to offer."


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